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11 years  / Kortnei Varano/Grimm (Bestfriend)  Read >>
11 years  / Kortnei Varano/Grimm (Bestfriend)
Is this pain ever going to stop tomorrow is the 13 that means another year with out you. We miss you so much. Chris MiMi I know I lost touch but know she is still a part of me I talk about her all the time. Our memories will last a life time. She was my bestfriend the one person I trusted and we had high hopes for a future she would of been the best veterinarian. She loved animals. Can't forget how much she loved Jeff Gordon I can keep going on about her. She loved you guys so much Cory was her everything she loved him so much. Gone but never forgotten. Gabrielle I miss you and I know you are here with me three butterflies this week landed on me you know this is the hardest time for me.. when your aunt picked me up to help search for you I thought you where just hiding some where never thought I would be going through life with out you. I miss you Close
Rest In Peace Beautiful Angel  / Unknown Unknown (Friends)  Read >>
Rest In Peace Beautiful Angel  / Unknown Unknown (Friends)
It has been almost 11 years since you were murdered. I still pray for your family because the pain of your death will never go away. You had a big blank canvas I'm front of you to make your own and sadly it was taken away and too soon. I never personally knew you but I knew your brother and it affected him. I think about you every day Rest In Peace beautiful angle. I will always love you Close
To Gabby, and her family.  / Chris White (Friends)  Read >>
To Gabby, and her family.  / Chris White (Friends)
This is the first time I have ever been on this site and it brought me to tears. My dad and mom -I think it was both of them- helped in the search of Gabby. I only knew her because she went to Bobtown and Mapletown, as did I -obviously-. Every year I let off balloons in memory of my Grandparents' passings their name written on the balloon on the day they passed-. Now that I know when Gabby passed I will be adding her to it as well. After it being almost 10 years I hope all is well with the family and I know for sure she is up there looking down on all of us -mostly you guys-. Also I shall be adding an article on my blog about Gabby, and about how the s.o.b. that did this to her should get what he deserves. Much Love, Chris White Close
In the loving embrace of our heavenly father...  / Anne Parker (No relation )  Read >>
In the loving embrace of our heavenly father...  / Anne Parker (No relation )
Dear Gabby's parents, I just got done reading about Gabby in the book, "From Crime Scene to Courtroom: Examining the Mysteries Behind Famous Cases." I want you to know I got such a feeling of compassion and joy reading about Gabby's spirit. I've read and studied the Bible and take comfort in knowing and believing there is no time measurement in Heaven. I believe Gabby is very happy and loved by many departed souls and angels. When you each arrive at Heaven's door, she will be there to welcome you and just might say, "I saw you just a minute ago! Let's go ride quads!". God bless you all. I will never forget your daughter and how the author of the book described her with so much compassion and respect. My best friend was murdered by a stranger when she was 17 years old in 1977. She was like a sister to me. I still mourn for her but take comfort in knowing she's not suffering anymore. Please know that I, all the way across the United States in Alpine in San Diego County, California, will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Many blessings to you and your family! Close
Happy 19th birthday  / Kortnei Varano (Best friend )  Read >>
Happy 19th birthday  / Kortnei Varano (Best friend )

Every yr for the last 7 yrs i have missed her.

she was my bestfriend and it hurts me to not have her around I cry for hours. I wish each and every day she would of returned back to us. every yr i celebrate her birthday with balloons and my tears. i will never let her go she will always be my bestfriend.

Happy birthday gabby

Birthday wishes  / Gabby's Mommy (Mom)  Read >>
Birthday wishes  / Gabby's Mommy (Mom)
HAPPY HEAVENLY 19TH BIRTHDAY !!! My sweet special little Angel !!! My last memory of your birthday from when you were here with us,is when your Dad made that sign and put it in the yard that said " Happy 12th Birthday Gabrielle " and he put it where you would see it when you got off the school bus and you said " Why did you put that there " those were happy days, now all we can do is send balloons to Heaven and think about you wondering how tall you would be,what you would look like. Now that's all we have are memories of you ! I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH !!! I WISH YOU WERE STILL HERE !!! Close
Butterflies / Larry Tomikel (read about her )  Read >>
Butterflies / Larry Tomikel (read about her )
My Brother in-law passed away several years ago and now every time when our family goes on its annual camping trip we are visited by, and I don't think by accident,a beautiful black butterfly at our campsite. I now will think of him and Gabrielle when I see those butterflies. May God bless them. Close
Wishing you well  / Shannon (none)  Read >>
Wishing you well  / Shannon (none)
I know it has been a long time now just wanted to say I am sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. It is such a sad thing. God's wonderful hope is eternal life for all who have died. He will bring them back to us again. Only for a little while and we will see our loved ones again.

   Shannon Close
Missing you..  / Claudia Brown (Friend)  Read >>
Missing you..  / Claudia Brown (Friend)
You've been on my mind so much lately..but you already knew that.. You're all David and I have been talking about, he thinks the world of you, babygirl and he never even got the chance to meet you. When I realized his mom knew your story, I fell apart, it's still so surreal. You should be graduating with us all this year, makes me so sick to know that you aren't..I know you'll be there to watch me walk across that stage, you're always with me...I miss you so much, Gabrielle. I keep waiting for you to call, waiting for you to come home and I don't think it's ever going to completely sink in that you're not coming back.. I wish you were here, I know you are, but I want my friend, I want you here physically.. I can't wait to see you again, sweetheart.. I miss and love you SO incredibly much.. Rest easy, babe.<3 <3 <3 Close
your beautiful angel  / Jamie Wolowski (friend of cousin )  Read >>
your beautiful angel  / Jamie Wolowski (friend of cousin )

sadly, i never got the chance to know your beautiful daughter. i lived in foster care with gabby's  cousin amanda bechen and became very good friends with her. i still remember hearing about your little girl from when she first was reported missing. i think of her often. it was such a horrible crime. this website is a BEAUTIFUL tribute! i hope you guys keep the memories coming! also, id love to continue seeing the birthday balloons!! that is just amazing! you have an amazing family and i hope you guys are healing with your loss. gabby is a beautiful girl!! with much love, jamie wolowski

i love yu and miss yu  / Tiffany Donivan (sister)  Read >>
i love yu and miss yu  / Tiffany Donivan (sister)
gabby i love you and miss you everybody is in my prayers i love you guys and miss you all!!!!!
Missing You!  / Jeff Bechen (uncle)  Read >>
Missing You!  / Jeff Bechen (uncle)
Don't worry gabby I didn't forget you girl. I think about you all the time. When I get on here I get all tear y eyed. Christmas is coming and I will light my house up bright enough for you to see.. Heather misses u like crazy to. I promise when i make it there we will take a walk in heaven together. I love you babygirl loves always uncle Jeff Close
Thinking of you  / Teena Trainor   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Teena Trainor

What a beautiful daughter you have she must be so proud to have such a beautiful memorial created for her.


Lots of love from one heartbroken family to another.

Teena Trainor (Mum of Two beautiful angels : Sahra and Grace Trainor)

Ballarat Australia


Angels are Hard to Find  / Michael Bechen (uncle)  Read >>
Angels are Hard to Find  / Michael Bechen (uncle)
When God calls little children to dwell with him above We mortals question the wisdom of his love. For no heartache compares with the death of one small child who does so much to make this world seem  wonderful and mild. Perhaps God tires always calling the aged to his fold And so he picks a rosebudbefore it can grow oldGod knows how much we need them and so he takes but few to make the land of heaven more beautyful to view. Believing this is difficult but somehow we must try. The saddest word that man can know will always be "Goodbye" And so when little ones depart we who are left behind must realize how much God loves them for "Angelsare hard to find. Close
I miss you more then any thing  / Kortnei Varano (Bestfriend)  Read >>
I miss you more then any thing  / Kortnei Varano (Bestfriend)
I miss you more and more every day not a day goes by wit out thinking of you.
Gabby was my best friend and i never forget her. I spent days praying and hoping for her to come home. I met her when i moved and started to go to brownsville in fifth grade she and i did everything together. I have a box of pictures and notes we use to write back and forth in school she was like a sister to me. i love you n i miss you gabby Close
Missing You  / Gabby's (Mom)  Read >>
Missing You  / Gabby's (Mom)

          Corey's birthday was Tuesday we are having his party 
    today. Its nothing like you had planned for him four years ago
   it wouldn't be the same but we did get him balloons like you wanted. I wish you could be here to see how much he has grown he misses you so much I wish you were here so I could see how much you've grown I can only imagine how tall you would be how pretty and how long your hair would be. We all love you and miss you terribly. Send some Angel hugs and kisses down to Corey.

                            Your always loved & missed
                              and NEVER FORGOTTEN !!!

                           Love always & forever
                             Mom Dad & Corey

Searchers / Randall Burleson (none)  Read >>
Searchers / Randall Burleson (none)
I was one of the Trackers who searched for Gabby.  Please know that she is always in my thoughts.  Close
Beautiful Angel  / Michelle Garner   Read >>
Beautiful Angel  / Michelle Garner
As a mother who has also lost a child i send my heartfelt sympathies. Gabrielles story touched the hearts of many and her inner beauty still shines through. God bless Gabrielle who is now with the angels and my prayers go to her family and friends who now have the task of going on without her. She may not be here physically but im sure shes still around you wrapping you all in her love. God bless Michelle G - England UK Close
OTHER / Jennifer Martin (friendSEXYJEN25000@C-OMCAST.NET)  Read >>
OTHER / Jennifer Martin (friendSEXYJEN25000@C-OMCAST.NET)



                                    LOVE JEN ALWAYS IN MY HEART AND SOUL

Thoughts of you at Christmas  / Marilyn Barnes (Rachel's mom )  Read >>
Thoughts of you at Christmas  / Marilyn Barnes (Rachel's mom )

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