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Happy Halloween Gabby Angel!  / Shannon Yanna (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Halloween Gabby Angel!  / Shannon Yanna (Friend)
i never knew you  / MIchael Jefferson (none)  Read >>
i never knew you  / MIchael Jefferson (none)
dear gabbe up there in heaven i had not heard of your tragic case until a few minutes ago i felt saddened by what has happened and i felt i should wrote something telling every1 how great you where but i did not kno you or what you where like so in the name of god i prey to you in heaven Close
Im sorry  / Michelle Bridges   Read >>
Im sorry  / Michelle Bridges
Im so sorry to here about your daughter. I lost my cousin this year in fourwheeler accident on january 1st 2006. 
his website if 
if you would like to look at it i hope that you are getting through everything ok Close
Edit of Site  / The Bechen (Family & Friends )  Read >>
Edit of Site  / The Bechen (Family & Friends )
Due to an e-mail we have received, we had no choice but to edit or delete some of the tributes that were left.  Certain individuals are not happy about certain items that have been typed.

We did not like to do this considering we thought that there was a thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, but we were wrong I suppose.

To save the site and ourselves legal ramifications due to certain people, we decided it was best just to do it.  That will never change how we feel or how helpful that you all have been standing beside us during our time of need.  We thank each and every kind soul that stood up for us.

We all know the truth now, and eventually everyone else will too.  But if need be, we have set up an e-mail just incase things are needed to be brought to our attention please click above to access the e-mail address.

Please continue with your beautiful, touching, and kind tributes.  It has been comforting to see so many people from all over care about our sadly missed Gabrielle.

Chris, Mimi and Corey Bechen Close
LOVE IS......  / Angel Marks Earthbound Friends (thinking of you )  Read >>
LOVE IS......  / Angel Marks Earthbound Friends (thinking of you )

To all who love Gabby unconditionally a poem to always keep in mind written by anonymous LOVE is patient...LOVE is kind...LOVE does not envy...LOVE does not boast...LOVE is not proud....LOVE is not rude...LOVE always trusts....LOVE always hopes...LOVE never fails....

to Mimi and Chris  / Dora Black (Aunt)  Read >>
to Mimi and Chris  / Dora Black (Aunt)
Mimi and Chris I feel I know u two better than alot of people who say they do and I just wanted to get a few things off my chest. First my mother seems to want to come on here and put u both down well I feel we all should look at ourselves first and our past and leave them in the past. I have read some of the things that my mom has wrote on here and it is very upsettting my views are not the same as hers.  As for her being so mad about my niece Tiffany Mimi'sdaughter who is in a hospital right now she needs to stop and thinks of how she got there because my brother had custody when she went there not Mimi. And as far as both Mimi and Chris other kids noone knows what happened and if u don;t know don't say things about it. As far as Gabby goes I might not be her blood Aunt but I have been there since she was born and I was there when she was delivered. I have and will always think of Gabby as my Niece no matter what or who says different. I was up there for the  5 days day and night waiting with Mimi and Chris hopeing for the best but since it is the worse thing in the world that happen to her I will still be there for Mimi and Chris.  So for those people and I mean all those people you all need to grow up and live ur own lives and leave them alone let them grieve and cherish Gabby and the memories that only the people who trully knew Gabby have and will have forever. Gabby Aunt Dora loves and misses you so much it will never be the same and we will never forget u..I just hope and will give my the signs and that u r ok.......I will take care of mom and dad and Corey the best that I can......Gabby u will always and forever be in my heart and soul..... I love u and miss u      Aunt Dora Close
giving signs..........?  / Kathy Gaskill (Friends mom )  Read >>
giving signs..........?  / Kathy Gaskill (Friends mom )

                                                                          October 24, 2006
                This past weekend Marissa, Samantha, myself and a few of our family members were out riding around taking an adventure. We had a  Halloween CD in the CD player. We had went down Hunter Ridge Rd. and out around there. We ended up on Mt. Joy Rd. When I realized it my cousin turned her van around. When we did the transmission started to slip, we made to Davistown crossways(where the old gas station was), the van wouldn't move. right before the van wouldn't move I told Marissa where we were....... she started to cry, saying not to go down Mt. Joy Rd., you didn't like the dark. All of the transmission fluid drained out but noone can tell us why. I can pretty much sum it up........ like always you were and still are there to help you family and friends in need. You thought Marissa needed you so you made sure that I wasn't going to hurt Marissa. Thank you.......
                  I was reading some of the messages that have been left and I am just blown away.........I think that unless people know you or your family they need to step back and think how they would feel if their loved one had been murdered. Sweetpea, you were one of akind. GOD broke the mold when he made you. I hope your doing good and you are forever in our thoughts.  You are sadly missed by all! xoxoxoxoxo              Love you, Kathy

Happy Halloween, Gabby.  / Rachel's Mom-Marilyn   Read >>
Happy Halloween, Gabby.  / Rachel's Mom-Marilyn

Poem / Mandy Wolfe (Friend)  Read >>
Poem / Mandy Wolfe (Friend)
To Gab,

I asked god for a flower, he gave me a bouquet.

I asked god for a minute , he gave me a day.

I asked god for true love, he gave me that to.

I asked god for an angel, he gave me YOU.


LOve ya, Miss ya.

Hugggsss and kissessss to Heaven!
Untitled / Mandy Wolfe (Friend)  Read >>
Untitled / Mandy Wolfe (Friend)
Hey...Just wanted to say hello and let you know how much I miss you more everyday. Things are totally different now. I have known you for three years but those three years felt like a life time. I just wish there could have been many more years like that.  I miss talkin with you on the bus and laughing at each other because of something stupid we did. Those were the good times! I remember the time when you and Hayley got into a argument because you said she had a big nose...That was funny. Man, How I miss those days. All we have left now is this site to communitcate and your memory that lives on in the hearts of all of us. Sometimes I just want to pick up the phone and call you just like old times but I know you wont be there. After school sometimes I think that I can hear you riding your ATV but I know it's not true. I miss that Alot! I remember that day you told my about Tracie on the bus... You said that you liked to go there to see the horses and maybe one day she'd let you ride. You said that you couldn't wait for that day!  Its just soo hard getting up and gettin on the bus and knowing that  you wouldnt be there to keep me company. You always knew how to make me laugh wheather you was making a funny face or telling a made me laugh. I think about the good times all the time but it doesn't seem to kinda makes things worse because I know that there will be no more days like that until we finally meet in heaven.  Even though your in a better place...Thats not where you should be. You should be here worrying about what clothes your going to wear tomorrow but now you dont even have to do that...because now you can wear your wings!  That day that we went looking for frogs was a was down in the mud to see what was there...thats the girl I remember!

Love ya lotz.
Miss ya lotz.
Mandy Close
To Gabby & Family & Friends  / Friend   Read >>
To Gabby & Family & Friends  / Friend

Gabby....I tears could build a stairway and memories a lane I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home unKnown


MISSING YOU GABBY  / FRIEND (You're Special )  Read >>

You know when someones special touches your life...They always know just the right thing to say or do: They make you feel better just by being near; They listen with an open heart and they understand; They laugh with you when your happy; They share your tears when your sad; They are beside you whenever you feel alone; They extend their hand when you need support; They are proud of all that you accomplish; They love you just because you're you; You know when someone special touches your life...And my life was touched the day I met you.....

My Thoughts.....  / Lisa (Family Friend )  Read >>
My Thoughts.....  / Lisa (Family Friend )
It has been a while since I have visted Gabby's site. It is sometimes hard for me to open up old wounds. I will never understand the loss that Chris and Mimi have to overcome. What I do know is the Chris and Mimi are wonderful people and GREAT parents. I know that their children love them very much, especially from the adoring looks they are given by the kids. No one will ever understand the love they have for each other. Not unless you have seen the smiles and looks.
I am a mom of 3 and I can only hope that I have a relationship with my childern as I have seen in this family. Gabby was and still is a very beautiful, loving girl. Her legacy will be carried on with everyone of us, every day of our lives. 
My thought to some of the postings on this site.... This is for Gabby. This is a place to cherish and remember her. This is not the time nor the place for anger, derogatories or bashing. 
Gabby, sweetie, you are missed and loved. You are beautiful. We will take care of mom and dad the best that we can.
Love you Hun~
Thinking of you today  / Friends Of Angel Mark Fearon   Read >>
Thinking of you today  / Friends Of Angel Mark Fearon

 To All who love Gabby we will be praying for you to find some sort of peace in your life we know how hard that is right now when the pain is so bad you don't even want to get out of bed we have those days alot too....Just wanted you to know many people are thinking & Praying for you & your family so God Bless you all and remember theres people in New Jersey & all over the world who TRULY CARE FOR YOU we know the pain your going thru I don't know how were gonna make it  10 days from 2day but we will with family,friends&Prayer...To Gabby be close to your family send them a sign like that butterfly that was a really beautiful sign we get butterflies from Mark & Luke also & it always puts a smile on my face,

I am so sorry for your loss  / Nancy Davis (one who understands )  Read >>
I am so sorry for your loss  / Nancy Davis (one who understands )
I wish I had special words to make the pain go away.  I wish the heartache that we all feel would fanish.  I am so sorry for your loss, such a tragedy.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.

"Together we can make it!"
Nancy Davis 

From your angel  / To My Family   Read >>
From your angel  / To My Family

There is a special angel in Heaven That is a part of me It is not where I want her to be...She was here for just a moment...Like a night time shooting star and though she is in Heaven she isn't very far........She touched the hearts of many, Like only an angel can do...I would have held her every minute If only the end we knew, so I send this special message to the Heavens up above...PLEASE TAKE CARE OF MY ANGEL AND SEND HER ALL MY LOVE

Thinking of You Gabby!  / Shannon Yanna (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking of You Gabby!  / Shannon Yanna (Friend)
We miss our friends  / Angels In Heaven Your Friends Miss U2   Read >>
We miss our friends  / Angels In Heaven Your Friends Miss U2
To Gabbys family & Friends so sorry about what happened to Gabby this story has really effected my life I haven't been able to get it out of my head since I read it...This beautiful young lady stolen from you at such a young age at the hands of something thats not even human its a monster I pray for your family alot I know your little girl is fine if she found our angel friends they will take good care of her shes so young they will be like her big brothers in heaven so she has her Heavenly Father & Her Heavenly Brothers they will protect her til you meet in Paradise with them when God calls your name until then stay strong,Hang in There And focus on your well being & the well being of her brother & dad & family who Love her & don't let people upset you...we know what your going thru we've had all kinds of rumors going around when our friends died but we just ignore them because we no who they were not the gossipers..people with no life & should mind their own buisness We no our Loved ones NOT THEM focus on yourselves & God & You will make it thru this horrible time..PEACE BE WITH YOU Close
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